Variable Density Design


Powerful Simplicity

At the heart of the S-Series products is the Dynamic Density Control™ platform. This variable density feature drives the efficiency, flexibility, and ease-of-use of this powerful platform. By combining our fully enclosed design with the world’s first liquid-air hybrid cooling platform, an individual enclosure can vary from 1kW to 52kW of workload with no need for interaction from the data center operator. The fully automated platform adjusts the density of the IT load being supported to ensure maximum density support, while maintaining maximum efficiency.





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Powerful Features

Security Management

Logged, dual factor, biometric security keeps you informed and your hardware safe.

Air Flow Management

State of the art remote management platform lets you monitor and manage your cabinet environment and consumption.

Power Management

Intelligent power design ensures maximum efficiency and reliable uptime for your IT infrastructure.

Cable Management

Reduce clutter and mitigate risk with secure cable management. We help run all of your wiring through protected conduits to protect your data even further.

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