Resource Management

Better Resource Management
No Stranded Assets

With the S-Series line, the platform adjusts resource allocation based on the thermal load within the cabinet enclosure. Adjusting chilled water and air resources to match the thermal needs of the IT resources in real time, means there is no waste and you are free to move and migrate IT workloads from cabinet to cabinet, or from one section of the data center to another without concern for power or cooling.

With traditional cooling methods, operators often grapple with the reality of stranded data center assets. Power or cooling deployed for one solution becomes unused or inaccessible to the rest of the facility. With our S-Series, a shift in workload requirement is immediately noticed, and adding or removing resources can be utilized elsewhere in the facility.

Data centers are designed for decades of use, but the IT platforms deployed within them are often refreshed every three to four years. With the changes in compute and density occurring each and every year, the DDC platform provides the needed future proofing every data center needs to secure their IT investment.

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