R-Series Enclosures

The R-Series line of enclosures is engineered to support the growing demand for delivering IT hardware to a variety of locations where data center conditions do not exist. With EDGE deployments ranging from deep earth mines and battle¬fields to ports-of-entry and hospital operating rooms, demand for ruggedized, mobile, outdoor, and small form factor delivery methods is at an all-time high.

In keeping with the hallmarks of the DDC family of products, the R-Series delivers an ideal combination of function and ease-of-use to ensure the success of any IT deployment, regardless of the environment or location. These enclosures are available in several form factors, are built to exacting NEMA 4 standards (with 4X upgrades available), and can efficiently cool workloads up to 80kW.

This high-performance line offers a mix of self-contained, mission-critical weather proo¬f, mobility, closed-loop cooling, adaptive suspension, physical security, and ¬re suppression options while delivering a pristine data center environment, and the ability to deploy IT infrastructure virtually anywhere.


Ruggedized line of enclosures specifically designed for deploying IT infrastructures at the Edge


High-density, hyper-efficient Micro Data Center for the most demanding compute environments


For rapid deployment, operation, and protection of high-powered compute platforms in field conditions