Precise Environmental Control

Precise Environmental Control & Protection

The S-Series enclosure design provides the ultimate in environmental control. The NEMA3 rated, air-filtered cabinets protect your IT equipment from particulate, moisture, and tampering, while enabling the platform to be installed in areas considered less than hospitable for traditional data center equipment.

The in-cabinet liquid-air cooling system enables the platform to deliver precise temperature control to the intake side of the cabinet, which is maintained to within a few degrees of the set-point automatically.

With little to no particulate and precise temperature control, your IT hardware will last longer and perform better as a result of the DDC platform.

Environment management tools provide enhanced cooling and monitoring to deliver precise resources automatically 24/7.

NEMA3 enclosures provide protection from particulate, moisture and tampering.

Integrated air filtration eliminates any particulate introduced while the cabinet is open.

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