IT & EDGE Deployments on Your Terms

With its closed-loop, modular design, and complete data-center feature set, the Dynamic Density Control™ platform has forever changed the way we think about deploying IT infrastructure. With our S-Series cabinets, simply define the number of cabinets needed to meet a specific requirement. These configurations can be deployed in existing data centers, or as a standalone platform in any covered location. Simply connect an existing chilled water source, or select from a variety of self-contained, closed-loop cooling units to deliver high-performance data center capacity virtually anywhere, in just days!

Mix and match cabinet and chiller units to meet capacity or redundancy requirements with ease. Add cabinets or chillers as needed to scale the solution on-demand. With integrated security, fire suppression, and environmental management, the S-Series Data-Center-On-Demand solution can be deployed in any covered location, from warehouses and supply rooms to labs and loading docks due to the platforms near-silent run profile and zero thermal impact inside the data center while the R-Series allow for critical IT deployments in non-traditional and harsh environments.


With DDC, you are free to choose any hardware solution at nearly any density.

Free to Choose

Our patented closed-loop cooling along with our NEMA designs allow our enclosures to be installed in data centers, working labs, warehouses and with our R-Series, even outdoors and underground.

Power & Cooling

As densities increase, traditional solutions (liquid-to-the-chip and liquid-immersion) call for highly specialized ways to address power and cooling challenges. Cool door or similar technologies provide additional cooling capacity, but carry a large price tag, which only address thermal challenges and are “fixed” to the rack location in which they are deployed. In addition, Edge computing is seeing the need for data center reliable solutions in non-traditional locations and harsh environments.

Reimagined Data Centers

At DDC we are solving the long-term problems facing IT professionals today. Densities are increasing, platforms and use cases continue to evolve, and IT is no longer relegated to just the data center. We have reimagined and reinvented the data center to solve for your most demanding IT challenges.


Individual Availability Zones

The DDC platforms come with an integrated air handling and fire suppression system. While traditional data centers use zone-based systems to handle air flow and fire suppression, this approach presents a large risk profile and impact area should a false positive, or actual issue occur.

With DDC, each cabinet enclosure operates as an individual availability zone, with its own, independent air handling and fire suppression system. This feature greatly improves risk management, and ensures that an issue in a single cabinet is limited to that one availability zone.


Better Enclosures for Better Security

DDC cabinet enclosures provide unmatched security for the most discerning of use cases. Everyone benefits from the 100% enclosed design features and available biometric security, especially in highly regulated industries where specific concerns around electronic communications and emissions exist.

DDC access control can be integrated with LDAP or other platforms to provide historic and real-time access control reporting.


DDC Offers a Variety of Options

From basic cabinet level set points and monitoring, to industry leading single-pane-of-glass solutions capable of providing concise and detailed information on thousands of individual cabinets deployed across data centers located across the globe.


Cost-of-Ownership Savings

The DDC platform can be deployed for a single use or to future proof an entire data center. The solution combines the cabinet enclosure, air-handlers, access control, fire suppression, and industry leading PUE and THERMAL DENSITY in some cases, for less than $1/watt.

In existing deployments, the DDC platform has helped reduce chilled water demand by 20% or more, representing a significant savings and rapid path to return on investment. For others, the savings realized by not stranding power and cooling assets, or from being able to extend density capabilities without major upgrades, provides an immediate return.

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