Combining HPC Compute, Storage, and Networking with Self-Contained, Rapid-Deploy Data Center Infrastructure Enables Everyone to Deploy the Power of AI – Anywhere!

The AI – ANYWHERE solution, powered by NVIDIA DGX, from Microway & DDC, provides complete AI-ready infrastructure, within a self-contained, high density, modular DDC data center platform which can be rapidly deployed, in nearly any environment, without the need for data center space or resources. This platform removes traditional constraints associated with deploying HPC infrastructure, while providing a future-proof, and scalable environment which can support any number of DGX based systems.

With AI – ANYWHERE, you can deploy advanced AI capabilities faster, in nearly any environment, and can scale the platform capability as needed to meet changing business demands.

What’s Included:

AI Infrastructure

DGX-1 or DGX-2 Supercompute Infrastructure

NetApp A800 High Speed Flash Storage

Mellanox 100GbE Ethernet Switching

Support Infrastructure

Switching & Management Network

Management, Login, Kubernetes Servers

Professional Services

Pre-Cluster Integration, AI Cluster Turn-Up & Verification

Includes: SLURM and Kubernetes Orchestration, Prometheus

Monitoring, Grafana Visualization, and Ansible Configuration

Management & Ongoing Professional Support (3 Year)

DDC Data Center Installation Service

Data Center Resources

(Energy Efficient, High Density, Future-Proof)

DDC Turn-Key Data Center Platform

2 X 45U S-1052 DDC Enclosures

Modular Water Distribution System

Micro-Chiller System (52kW)

* Client needs only provide space and power!

AI Stack:

Mellanox High Speed 100Gb/s Fabric


DGX1 Supercomputer

DGX2 Supercomputer

NetApp High-Speed Flash Storage

Management / Kubernetes Servers


  • Cutting Edge AI Technology
  • Future-Proof Modular Data Center
  • Deploy Anywhere Capability
  • Scale to 13PFLOPS with Ease!

Your Competitive Advantage!



Storage, Networking, Management Hardware
NetApp A800 High-Speed Flash Storage $1,355,026
Mellanox 100GBE Fully Connected High Speed Fabric $34,675
Cisco Management Network $16,359
Microway Xeon 2U TwinPro2 Servers for Login, Management, Kubernetes $23,418
Modular Data Center System

Enterprise Data Center for $150k- Great Value!

S-Series 52kW Dynamic Density Control (DDC) Cabinets+Water Distribution System and Micro-Chiller Solution $150,000
Installation Services
1 Installation & Configuration of DGX POD software stack “DeepOps” $11,520
Mellanox 100GBE Fully Connected High Speed Fabric $15,800
10nsite Installation Service (antici pated duration : three days on site) $9,450
1 DDC Data Center Set Up $9,785
Mwdd-2001 Core Sku Cost $1,626,033


Choose the Compute SKU which matches your business requirements today! AI – Anywhere DDC Data Center platform can support any number of DGX1 and DGX2 systems, scaling to meet changing business demands.

Complete Choose Your Sku Unit Extended Base Complete Cost

4 DGX-2 with a total of 64 Tesla V100 GPUs

$460,750 $1,843,000 $1,626,033 $3,469,033

2 DGX-2 with a total of 32 Tesla V100 GPUs

$460,750 $921,500 $1,626,033 $2,547,533

13 DGX-1 with a total of 104 Tesla V100 GPUs

$136,614 $1,775,982 $1,626,033 $3,402,015

8 DGX-1 with a total of 64 Tesla Vi00 GPUs

$136,614 $1,092,912 $1,626,033 $2,718,945