From the Data Center to the Edge and Beyond, DDC Cabinet Technology Supports IT Deployments Where Ever the Demand Exists!

Variable Density
Energy Efficient
Self Contained

ScaleMatrix acquires Instant Data Centers and Elliptical Mobile Solutions Technology

Existing or New Data Centers

Add Dynamic Density

High air-flow S-Series cabinets to support new hardware or reduce overhead on cooling/HVAC systems.

Retrofit Legacy Data Centers

S-Series cabinets modernize capabilities, increase density, and improve energy efficiency. Utilize and extend previous data center investments for big financial wins!

Design from the Ground-Up

DDC S-Series cabinets and DCC-IM software future-proof your data center investment and support any hardware density, while reducing construction time and cost as well as long-term operating costs resulting in significant ROI.

Non-Data Center Uses True Edge Deployments

Protect intellectual property and improve hardware response times by locating compute and storage where you need it. We have a variety of solutions for labs, classrooms, secured locations and even outdoor and underground locations.

To the Edge and Back

Our R-Mobile enclosures allow you to take vital infrastructure on-the-go at a moment’s notice. When your data center needs to be with you, R-Mobile is the only solution.

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