From the Data Center to the Edge and Beyond, DDC Cabinet Technology Supports IT Deployments Where Ever the Demand Exists!

Variable Density
Energy Efficient
Self Contained

DDC & MICROWAY deliver AI – ANYWHERETM in partnership with NVIDIA, Mellanox, and NetApp

Existing or New Data Centers

Add Dynamic Density

High air-flow S-Series cabinets to support new hardware or reduce overhead on cooling/HVAC systems.

Retrofit Legacy Data Centers

S-Series cabinets modernize capabilities, increase density, and improve energy efficiency. Utilize and extend previous data center investments for big financial wins!

Design from the Ground-Up

DDC S-Series cabinets and DCC-IM software future-proof your data center investment and support any hardware density, while reducing construction time and cost as well as long-term operating costs resulting in significant ROI.


Watch the AI ANYWHERETM solution video to see how you can deploy the full NVIDIA DGX software stack (DGX-1 or DGX-2), deep learning and AI framework containers, NetApp ONTAP storage, and Mellanox switching contained in the DDC S-Series cabinet enclosures, and delivered and supported by our services partner, Microway.

Non-Data Center Uses True Edge Deployments

Protect intellectual property and improve hardware response times by locating compute and storage where you need it. We have a variety of solutions for labs, classrooms, secured locations and even outdoor and underground locations.

HPC at the Edge

Watch this video to see the DDC R-1012 chassis fully loaded with the HPE Apollo 20 System ready to deploy HPC at the Edge for data-intensive workloads in IoT, retail, surveillance, finance, manufacturing, life sciences, and oil and gas.

To the Edge and Back

Our R-Mobile enclosures allow you to take vital infrastructure on-the-go at a moment’s notice. When your data center needs to be with you, R-Mobile is the only solution.

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